Traveling is a great way for discovering new cultures. And you cannot complete the experience without trying the local food. When it comes to the lovely island of Greece, Syros, you have a lot of food to try. From main dishes to desserts Syros offers a lot.


Discovering a new culture is beautiful. Going around new places, taking photos but for a real experience, you also need to try the local cuisine. Especially, if you are visiting a country with a rich cuisine, like Greece. Remember that, the first cookbook was written by a Greek. So it was always an important part of the life in Greece.


Syros, the capital island of Cyclades, is a place where you can try best Greek food. But it also offers some local foods produced only in Syros too. Souvlaki is one of the most popular dishes in Greece. You can eat pork or chicken souvlaki in most of the places. Tzatziki with it is a great combination. You should not leave Greece without trying Greek yogurt. And of course the Greek Salad. Taste of the olive oil is also a must try. Syros Island is also the home of famous cheese San Michali, which is produced from cow milk.


And when it comes to dessert in Syros island you got the best local products. You have to try the local Loukoumi in different flavors, which is also a traditional souvenir. There are other options like Halvadopita, which is basically a wafer sandwich filled with almonds and nougat.


After all these tasty lines, we are sure that you are willing to try quite a few. So why don’t you share your favorite one on Twitter and Instagram with a hashtag. Use #myfavgreekfood to let everyone know about your favorite dish. And you can also check the hashtag for the ones you may miss. Enjoy your meal and share it with us!

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