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Syros Experience





Syros Street Style

By: Talaya Kautz


Syros gets its street style inspiration from the ever changing Aegean Sea. The waves, along with the laid back, friendly atmosphere somehow intermingles to create what is “Syros Street Style”.

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to fully emerge yourself in the Greek culture: when in doubt, always choose a piece that is light (in weight) and flowy.  The Mediterranean sun mixed with the random wind gusts work better if your outfit imitates the elements: sun, wind, and water. Unlike New York’s dark neutral color pallet, it’s important to keep it light and neutral. As for shoes, make it strappy. Sandals that replicate those worn from the Greek ancestors give all outfits the Greek look that you may be looking for. The accessories are minimal, stick with simple pieces such as thin leather bracelets or simple earring. Always, always, carry a small backpack/purse. This trend is by far the most popular in Greece. Lastly, keep the hair and makeup natural. At night, it’s important to complete the look with a lipstick shade of your choice.

Growing up in the Midwest most of the fashion choices often depend on the long, unruly winters. However, in Greece the fashion doesn’t depend on the weather, it reflects the weather and Greece’s history. Knowing that Europe is a year ahead of North America fashion/style wise, it will be interesting to attempt to picture what kind of fashion trends America will pick up in the next year.

Dance and music:
The hidden parts of the soul of Cyclades

By: Lydia Kotsiaridi

Greek folk music includes a variety of Greek styles played by ethnic Greeks in Greece, Cyprus, Australia, the United States and elsewhere. Apart from the common music found all-around Greece, there are distinct types of folk music, sometimes related to the history or simply the taste of the specific places. The Aegean islands of Greece are known for Nisiotika songs; greek characteristics vary widely. As we know, Syros is one of the most famous islands thanks to its traditional dances, especially music. Although, the basis of the sound is characteristically Secular-Byzantine. Furthermore, Markos Vamvakaris was born in Ano Syros and he was “rebetiko” musician. The greatest significance of Vamvakaris for the “rebetiko” which is a kind of music, is also reflected by his nickname: the “patriarch of rebetiko”.

Greece is one of the few countries in the world that folk dances are as alive today as they were in ancient times. Dance has always played an important role in the life of Greek. It is an expression of human feelings and everyday life. The Greeks danced at religious ceremonies. Moreover, they danced in order to be prepared for war and to celebrate victories. Almost every dance has a story to tell. Dance was regarded as one of the highest forms of art. Plato says specifically: “The dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul. Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of the gods.” At Aegean islands, at Cyclades mostly, traditional dances are an integral part of their culture. The name of Cyclades refers to the islands are encircle the sacred island of Delos. The music of these islands is extremely delightful and lyrical. These dances characterized by the lightness of steps, the springing in the knees and also they include Syrtos, Ballos and Sousta.


Cultural Dimension of the Island of Syros

By: Evelina Bournousouzi


Except for its great history, Syros is an island with a unique cultural background. In order to present a part of the cultural activities which take place in this beautiful island, we will use some photos of our own experience during this year’s Summer School.

Municiple Theatre “Apollon”

Apollon Theatre is the diamond of Syros, as it represents the cultural development of the island. Built 1862-1864, the theatre has faced a lot of dangers and is now a shelter for various cultural events and festivals like AnimaSyros etc .

While our visit in the theatre we had the chance to cast a glance over a rehearsal of an upcoming theatrical show called “Pagliacci”.  The decoration of the theatre is majestic and on its top you can see the three most famous Greek poets of tragedies: Omiros, Aischyllos, Eyripidis.

Industrial Museum of Syros

The industrial museum presents the economic development of the island from the 18th to until the middle of the 20th century. There is also a large collection of photos that show the flourishing neoclassical architecture in Syros. In the museum we had the chance to see the first electric car made by George Mihail after the urge of John Goulandris. It was an innovation and it is now exposed at the Industrial Museum.

Photography Exhibition: “Yaros: The isolation of the past, vision for today”

Another thing that explains why Syros is considered as one of the islands with the most cultural background is the huge number of exhibitions which take place there every year. For example, between the 24th of June and the 5th of July in the art gallery of Ermoupolis took place a great exhibition concerning the history and the environmental value of the island of Yaros which is isolated for a long time.



Created by:

Fanny Hoertz
Marina Grezzi
Talaya Kautz
Evelina Bournousouzi
Lydia Kotsiaridi