Dr Nikos Bakounakis (Panteion University)

bakounakisNikos Bakounakis was born in Patras, Greece (1956). He is a Professor of Practice of Journalism and of Story Telling Techniques at Panteion University (Athens) Department of Media, Culture and Communication. Cultural and political columnist and cultural editor-in-chief of the newspaper To Vima (Athens). Phd in History and Civilizations from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France . BA in Low from the University of Athens.

His work includes many books on Greek history, primarily concerning the development of the bourgeoisie, its mentality and its cultural behavior and the reception of artistic phenomena, ideas and journalism. Nikos Bakounakis has published widely in Greece and abroad on cultural, journalism and press topics.

Nikos Bakounakis was awarded the Athens Academy prize for his book “A european ideal in Greece in 19th century” (2008). His most recent book is “Journalist or Reporter: The Human Interest Story in the Greek Newspapers, 19th-20th century” (Fall 2014).